What You Should Know About the Fillet Knife

The fillet knife is a special type of kitchen knife which is used to prepare a fish easily and efficiently. Yes, you can use normal knife to serve the purpose but it won’t give you the desired performance. There are some facts about the fillet knife that you have to know before you go to buy the fillet knife.

Necessity of the fillet knife:

As I said earlier that instead of buying the fillet knife you can use kitchen knife to prepare a fish or to separate meat from the bones. Then obviously a question will arise. And the question is why you should spend money to buy a filleting knife. I am trying to answer this question below-

  • The first point I am going to present is efficiency. A filleting knife much efficient and effective than a normal kitchen knife.
  • Filleting knives will save your time. Because this type of knives are designed and made for this purpose only. General knives are not capable to fulfill your filleting requirements.
  • A fillet knife can be used in other purpose as well. But a kitchen knife cannot be use to serve the filleting purpose.
  • Kitchen knives cannot ensure less wastage of meat. But filleting knives are designed and manufactured so that there is least wastage of meat.
  • Filleting knives decrease the probability of serious injury specially the manual ones. But if you use general kitchen knife for filleting purpose, it is more likely to have serious injury.

Basic features of the fillet knife:

In previous section of this article, I said that the fillet knife is designed and manufactured specially for filleting purpose compared to normal kitchen knife. Let’s see some of their basic attributes.

  • The most important and common feature of a filleting knife is size of its blade. In general, it is said that small blades are more efficient than the larger blades. But the saying is not appropriate for every situation. If the fish is big, then larger blades are considered more effective for filleting purpose than the smaller ones.
  • There are three types of handle you will find in the market. They are- wooden, rubber and plastic. I like plastic and rubber handles compared to wooden ones. Because wooden handles become rotten and slippery very soon.
  • Comfort feeling or flexibility is another big issue to be considered in this case. There is no fixed standard or unit to measure the flexibility. Rather, it depends completely on the person who is going to use the knife in future.
  • There are two types of filleting knives based on source of power. They are- manual fillet knife and the other one is electric filleting knife. You don’t need any power or carry battery if you are using a manual fillet knife. But it will take more time to clean a fish. Electric knives will save your time a lot. But the probability of serious injury is much higher than the manual ones.

Of course, buying the fillet knife cause some extra money. And if it is branded and some high ended features are added, then the cost goes even higher. But believe me. It will be the best investment for your kitchen accessories in your whole life.

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