What is the best fillet knife?

what is the best fillet knife for me?” or “Which one is the perfect fillet knife?” – Many people comes across this same dilemma of choosing the best fillet knife from the thousands and thousands of knives available in the markets. We have just the solution for you. Read on to know about choosing the best fillet knife.

The most significant and common material for a knife is Stainless steel. However, all of the stainless steels do not have the equal quality. With a much cheaper knife, you will never find out what type of steel was used to create it. Therefore, it’s actually wiser to go with a famous brand even if it means spending some extra cash. In the end it will be worth it.

There is a huge variation in blade lengths of the fillet knives. It’s very important to choose such kind of blade length that is going to fit your needs. Obviously, small fishes are going to require short blades because it requires much easier handling. Large fish like salmon is going to require a 9-11 inch blade.

Blade flexibility is very important for fillet knives.Shorter blades are meant for filleting smaller fishes. Blade’s flexibility decreases a lot if the blade is way too long. However, the long blades still retain certain amount of flexibility.The fillet knife may have the best blade in the world but it will still be utterly useless if the handle slips out and you cut yourself.

The handle of the knife should be comfortable and of course, not slippery. Rubber and plastic handles are becoming more and more popular day by day than the traditional wooden knife handles, partly because of the wood’s ability to slip when it is wet. Wooden handles also have quite a bad reputation because they can soak up fish smells.

Here are some good brands of fillet knife that you should choose from – Bubba Blade, Dexter-Russell, Rapala












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