Wusthof Gourmet Fish Fillet Knife

Wusthof Gourmet fish Fillet Knife is the Wusthof Brand knife. It is the exceptional for its good Black riveted handle.This type of handle is much strong which does not slip easily in work period, there has no fear for accident. Also it has leather belt loop sheath, it is really saved the knife properly, these two type of qualities to save the knife accurately.

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Who want to peaceful in the everyday they find this type of knife. all of the customers wants such type of knife for doing work in due time. For covering the blade it is remain sharp long time and fresh to cut your food items. To have high protective you can bear it in your pocket, there has no fear to cut your body. To make journey the people take it without tension in the bag and pocket. Carrying facilities are the always best.


The users of the knife like it very much because The Designer of it completed for fish filleting and the US user like it very much. This 7-inch knife is the best for cleaning and filleting bone and food items. Black riveted handle is the beat to save the knife and carry with your hand bags and do your work with joining plug in any wall.
This company established in 1814 at that time they served same leather belt loop sheath now their product style and systems are the same. The traditional culture has been following since that time.Now their product make astonishing to the world market users.It is possible for their careful work. Overall 11-inch knife folding blade length is exceptional one.
There has German high Carbon which maintain lifetime work value and also has no-stain steel X50CrMoV15 promote modern facilities. The owner o f the German market commander lead this product which remain unparalleled value.


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This features is the more separate form other, they are the pioneer of the fish filleting sector. Promoting system is the best with technology and modern eminent.

  • uncompromising quality
  • special blade from Germany
  • riveted handle
  • leather cover


We survey and know about the product very much and ensure to you it will be the best for you. You get original benefit from the knife and systematic biography is unique. We reach the final decision for you that is the real one. The price of the knife is below 100$, the Wusthof Brand knife has thrived rich customers review which you can follow and can read more from amazon. You take care about the Metal of the product, here has German high carbon which is the beat for all.

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