How to choose a suitable fillet knife for you

Picking a suitable fillet knife will be a piece of cake if you read this article and follow the instructions carefully. Actually, we often become confused while buying a filleting knife suitable for us.

Can a suitable fillet knife be used for deboning as well?

A suitable fillet knife can be used not only to prepare a fish but to deboning as well. But the fact is-the performance will be totally different based on model of the knife.

Can I use my filleting knife for other purpose as well?

Absolutely no.  You can use it for cutting and slicing vegetable and any kind of meat, too. The sharp blade of the knife will give you the best result. One of the most common uses the knife is cleaning fish because of its flexible, narrow and thin blades. Nothing else.

Which one is the best suitable fillet knife for me- traditional one or electrical filleting knife?

Frankly speaking- the answer is very tough. Both type of knife has black sides and white sides. You have to decide which one is for you based on your budget, how frequently you are going to use it and the amount of fish you have to clean each time. Positive side of electric knife is- it will save your time. But the negative side are- you have to carry a battery or need a direct power source and the cleaning process is very difficult and risky. On the other hand, white side of manual filleting knife is- you don’t need any kind of power source and there is no risk or difficulty to clean the knife. The only black side of traditional filleting knife is- cleaning process is more time consuming than the electric ones.

Can I use kitchen knife instead of filleting knife?

Obviously, you can. After all it’s your life. And I know that the filleting knives are more expensive than a kitchen knife. But the sharpness and flexibility of the blades will definitely make your life easier and smoother.

How much should I spend to get a suitable fillet knife for me?

Once again, the decision completely depends on you- how much your budget is. Basically, the price     range starts from 10 bucks and it goes up based on brand, material used to manufacture the blade, electrical or manual, handle, size of the handle and so on. However, the main part is- higher price of the blade doesn’t ensure higher quality.

Should I buy the knife from online store or go to shopping mall?

As I said in the previous question, both have plus point and minus point. Now you decide what option is the best choice for you. If you buy from online, it will definitely save your time but you may take wrong decision if the photo of the product is confusing. On the other hand, you have to find enough time to buy the knife offline but it will give you freedom to pick the best suitable fillet knife for you.

I tried my best to discuss every single point so that you can pick a suitable fillet knife for kitchen. I hope it will help you a lot.

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