How choose a good fillet knife for your kitchen?

Choosing a good fillet knife for kitchen is more challenging than buying any other types of knife. Whether you have experience of using filleting knife or not- doesn’t matter. Both of you will be benefited from this article.

What is a good fillet knife?

A good fillet knife is special type of kitchen knife used to clean fish. If you love food item made of fish and want to prepare it by yourself, you should consider about buying a filleting knife. its thin and flexible blade will help you to prepare meat or fish smoothly and thus make your life healthy and easy.

How to maintain a good fillet knife?

  • Wash the knife with your hand after each time you use it.
  • Take clean cloth and dry the knife properly. Never ever leave it wet.
  • Store it in a safe place.
  • If you have children at home, make sure that the knife is out of reach of children.
  • Keep in mind that in general, filleting knives are not dishwasher proof.

Way of choosing a good fillet knife:

There are couples of points to find out a good fillet knife for you. I have compiled some points among them and tried to give a brief discussion on them.

  • First of all, you have to consider length the blade. For example, smaller blades are the best choice for small fish and larger blades are suitable for large fish like salmon.
  • Next point you should take care is material of blade. In general, they are made of stainless steel but the variation is in quality. If you buy cheap knife, then there is no doubt that you are purchasing fillet knife that has a low quality blade. I know that branded knives are little bit expensive. Still the investment on buying a good fillet knife will give you profit in return.
  • Now I want to suggest flexibility level of blade. If the blade is not flexible, you won’t get high class performance. Remember that small blade is for small fish and larger blade are large fish.
  • Handle is another important fact to be considered. Because if the handle is slippery and cause injury to your hand then even the finest blade of this planet is nothing but useless. Previously wooden handle was the only choice to the buyer. But now a day, plastic and rubber made handles are replacing it. Because they are less slippery than the wooden ones. In addition, wooden handle soak the bad small of fish.
  • People often try to save money and go for non branded or cheaper filleting knife. I would like to recommend you to go for branded filleting knife even it is more expensive than any other knife available in the market.


Which one should we consider as good fillet knife?

If you have restaurant or fish shop, then I will suggest you to buy electric filleting knife. Otherwise, traditional fillet knife is superb choice for you.

A good fillet knife is the product you should carefully to avoid injury. And take care of the points I have discussed above. I hope you will be able to buy a good fillet knife for you.

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