Filleting Fish with an Electric Knife

You should consider Electric fillet knife if you need to clean a lot of fish. They are little more expensive and need a while to master. But an Electric Knife can save a lot of time. If you eat a lot of fish, electric fillet knife is always the best choice for you.
Before you make a purchase you must consider the size of the fillet knife. The dimensions you choose will make a huge difference. Filleting fish with an electric fillet knife is a bit tricky. Here are 5 easy steps to fillet a fish using an electric fillet knife

To fillet a fish, don’t use a serrated knife; it will shred the delicate meat. You should sharpen the knife’s blade before you get to work.Filleting a fish can be a rather messy job, so it’s really a good idea to set up a workspace before getting to work. You’ll need a large cutting board. You can simply line it with newspaper paper for easy clean up. Set out a clean & big plate for the fillets.

Before filleting you need to prepare the fish first.You should rinse it in cold water. You have to dry is with a paper towel. Then you have to lay the fish on the cutting board in such a way that the bottom of the fish faces you.

You need to position the filleting knife behind the gills and cut downward at a slightly in the direction of the head through the fish bone. Flip the fish over and cut it in the same way as before. This way you should remove and discard the head. After that, you need to remove the tail. Place the filleting knife down where its tail is connected with the body, and cut down through its skin and bone. This way you should remove and discard the tail.

Lift the grill cover slightly away from its body and insert the filleting knife, cutting straight downward until the filleting knife hits the fish’s backbone. Turn the knife so that the fillet blade is on the same line with the fish’s ribcage, and push the blade down so that the tip of it extends about midway down its body. Now run the filleting knife along the fish’s ribcage. Fish’s event is the small hole located on the underside of a fish. You need to continue cutting along the fish bones until the fillet blade ends, at the fish tail.Pull the fillet away from the ribs, and use the fillet knife to loosen it wherever it is still attached. Lift the fillet knife away from the fish’s body and set it on a plate.

This is actually an optional step. Many people prefer to eat the fish’s skin. For skinning the fish, hold the fillet knife down at one end of the blade, positioning it between the flesh and the skin of the fish. Slightly angle the knife, and slide the blade through the length of the whole fish, while holding tightly onto the skin of the fish with the other hand. Repeat the same technique for the other side of the fish.

This is the whole process of filleting fish with an electric knife. It’s not that easy but keep practicing and you will become good at this in no time.

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