Difference between a manual fillet knife and electric fillet knife

Often we become confused when we have to choose between a regular fillet knife and electric filleting knife. The main purpose of this article is to help you to pick the best suitable knife for you.

Electric filleting knife or regular fillet knife:

  • You need electricity to operate electric fillet knife. But you don’t need anything to operate a manual knife.
  • The blade of a regular filleting knife is fixed in general. On the other hand, in most of the case, the blade can be changed.
  • Manual filleting knife is the best option if amount of fish is small or size of fish is small. On the contrary, you need electric fillet knife if the fish is big or amount is large.
  • Electric knife won’t work without electricity. For this reason, it is considered as safer than the regular filleting knife.
  • Regular one better for you if you are beginner level user. Because they are cheaper than the electric filleting knives.
  • If you are beginner level user then manual one is better for you since electric knives are little bit complicated at this level. But after using for some time, you will become expert level user for the electric one.
  • Is weight a main factor for you? If your answer is yes, then once again regular filleting knives are waiting for you to be picked up. Because electric fillet knives are little bit heavier than the regular filleting knives.
  • Electric knives have cord-some are long and some are short. You have to be careful so that your near and dear ones do not trip on to it.
  • Regular filleting knives require a lot of energy to be operated. On the other hand, you can easily save your energy if you are operating a regular fillet knife.
  • If you are using electric knife, you need expert level supervision in spite of having manual book to guide you. Regular ones do not need any kind of supervision.
  • You will be able to save a lot of time and make your life easier if you are using electric filleting knives. On the contrary, regular ones are very time consuming.
  • Electric filleting knives will make you capable to prepare the fish in super fine style. You cannot expect such performance if you use a regular one.
  • Cleaning process is another vital factor that makes a significant difference between a regular fillet knife and electrical ones. Like any other knife, you can easily clean the blade of a manual knife but it is little bit complicated to clean electric filleting knives.

Actually, it is very difficult to make differentiate between a manual fillet knife and electric knife. it depend on how frequently you are going to use it and the amount of fish you have to prepare each time. In general, I will recommend a regular knife if you are a domestic user and electric knife if you are using it in a restaurant or fish shop.


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