Best Utility Knife Reviews On Buyers Guide

The best utility knives are the knives that have a fix blade with a cutting edge appropriate for any kind of cutting job in general. The tasks include - cleaning fish, butchering animals and so on. But with the advancement of technology, there are some best utility knives available in the market that has folding blade so that you can carry them in your pocket. Both types of knives are very much helpful for our everyday life in various purposes. We can say that this knife is a multipurpose knife. To me, if you are a smart knife user, you must have at least one utility knife in your collection. And there is a wide range of utility knives available in the stores both online and offline. You can pick as much as you wish according to your choice and of course within your budget. Isn’t it fantastic? Well, I think so definitely.

The past of utility knife

Idea of utility knife is not new, it has a long history. The story started about 500,000 years ago, the time when our ancestors invented knife made of stones. The knives were used to chopping meat, shaping wood, preparing fish and many more. In 19th century, the knife industry saw a revolution and as a result various kind of knife came in the market. Today, utility knives are used even for heavy duty jobs.

Features of a contemporary utility knife

For indoor and outdoor use, both fixed blade and folding blade contemporary utility knives are very much popular. The reason behind this is their multipurpose use in various crafts and trades. In addition, they are very lightweight. And most important is they are very easy to carry and use as well.

Attributes of fixed blade utility knives

For outdoor tasks, large fixed blade utility knives are more common than any other utility knife. To resist chipping and breakage, these knives are specially designed and manufactured. Camping, fishing and hunting can be considered as the most appropriate example in this case.

Characteristics of a workplace utility knife

Workplace utility knives are made of either molded plastic or die cast metal in general. In this case, the most common example is the razor blade. Here, the user decides how far the blade will be during completing the task. For example, while cutting the tape of a package without any damage of the package, this type of utility knife is the best option.

Review of some utility knife review

  • 5-3/4 folding fixed utility knife– Regular utility knife user like this folding utility knife for its durability and convenience. You can open and close the knife with the help of only one hand. When you don’t need to use the knife, you can hook it up with your waist belt. The lightweight knife is made of aluminum.
  • 6″ plastic retractable utility knife– This amazing utility knife has a versatile plastic body. The product is very useful for trimming and light duty cutting jobs. You can change the blade very quickly and easily. And you know what? Even you don’t need a screwdriver.
  • 5 in junior classic utility knife– The knife are very popular to the consumer for its two unique features. And they are durability and flexibility. To ensure precise cutting experience, interlocking nose of the knife securely lock together the knife halves. The product includes one utility blade made of metal.
  • 61/8 in homeowner’s retractable utility knife– This lightweight and economical knife is specially designed and manufactured for homeowners only. The interlocking nose of the knife securely locks the knife safely so that you can have a valuable cutting experience.
  • 5 in ergonomic fixed blade utility knife– The main feature of this utility knife are that you don’t need any tool to change the blade. The attached screws will make your life easier. The utility blade is not only simple and comfortable, but durable and flexible as well. Nose of the blade is very narrow which is perfect for any kind of cutting applications.

The way of choosing the best utility knife

In practical, there are two ways to pick the best utility knife available in the market. You can go to a shopping mall and buy whatever you like. The other way is go to a reliable online store and order it. Both methods have positive and negative points. For offline shopping, you are picking exactly the product you wanted to buy. But to ensure this perfection, you have to manage time from your busy schedule. Though, for online shopping you don’t have any chance to get this benefit. But think for a moment. You don’t have any hassle of managing time; neither has to go to the shopping mall physically. Isn’t it a golden opportunity for you? Well, I think so. And I am quite confident that you are with me in this matter as well.

The necessity of going through the utility knife review

Now, you may ask a question that why you should go through utility knives reviews. Specially, if you are more interested about offline shopping. Yes, there are some obvious advantages of going through such review articles. First of all, you will have a crystal clear idea about the current advancement of utility knife industry. The next plus point is getting idea about the price as well. And of course, the most important is the customer opinion portion. You will be able to know their most valuable saying about any specific model you want to know. What is the benefit of such customer thinking? Just think a while about it. Manufacturers and shopkeepers will tell you as much positive sides as possible. If anyone, honest enough says any negative side- won’t highlight that part. But if you spend some time and read those reviews patiently, you will get the actual picture of the scenario. And you know well that how to utilize this customer voice in your favor to purchase a good utility knife available in the market within your budget and no doubt according to your chosen criteria.

Now, you know the reason to spend time after utility knives review and how to take advantage of such review articles and I am sure you won’t fail to purchase a good utility knife for you.