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Do you want to get the complete and best kind of information about the Swiss Army Knife? Here we have gathered the top most information about the subject so that you can have a better access to knowledge over the subject. When these knives get importance and who named these knives, is all about the stuff going to be mentioned here at the spot. Besides, you would get the beneficial aspects of these particular knives as well. So, must read the post down to get known well about the Swiss Army Knife Reviews! This word is going to be proven an interesting as well as the beneficial stuff for you people so does not miss out the info!


What is a Swiss Army Knife Actually?

After the World War II, the American soldiers got a need to rename the German word “Offiziersmesser” as the Swiss Army Knife, as the former name was tough to pronounce. It is actually a type of pocket knife containing various features that are beneficial enough. Victorinox AG and the Wenger SA are the manufacturers of these knives. These amazing pieces of knives are having the sharp blades, can opener, screwdriver, cap lifter, spring and many more useful tools.

These knives are popular among the whole world as these contain the best kind of useful tools present in a very small pocket object. So, the people like to keep these knives in their pockets to use for the relevant purposes.

What Are the Origins of Swiss Army Knife?

Are you curious about to know that when and where these knives originated? Here we go to answer you simply. These knives were manufactured first at Ibach, Switzerland. The company named as Karl Elsener was responsible for introducing these useful knives. This company later got named as Victorinox, that is known worldwide.

Swiss army got need to introduce these knives because of the functional needs of military fellows. As these knives were made to have tools like the screwdriver, can opener, sharp blade, grips, and reamer, so these tools gave much ease of sorting out the issues of the military. Like swiss army men used these knives to open the food and drink cans, they used these knives to unscrew the service rifles as well. Oakwood firstly was used in these knives model, then it got replaced with the ebony wood.

Swiss Army Knife Tools You Must Know

Here we go to share with you the top most features of the Swiss Army Knife! The top most tools of these knives are just going to be discussed below. There are three kinds of tools of these knives known as main tools, smaller tools and scale tools. All of these tools include the features of the army knives that are useful for various purposes.

Main tools of these knives include the following contents.

Wood Saw, Scissors, Large Blade, Small Blade, Nail File/Nail Cleaner, Can Opener, Spatula, Bit Driver, LED Light, Marlinspike, Pruning Blade

Smaller tools of these knives include the following list.

Mini Screwdriver, Reamer, Keyring, Hook, Chisel

Scale tools of these knives include the following items.

Toothpick, Pin, Ballpoint Pen, Tweezers, Alarm Clock, Timer, Thermometer

So, that are the top tools of these knives presented by the Swiss Army for multipurpose tasks. Various models of the knives were presented by the Swiss army to make the maximum tasks be fulfilled well.

What Are the Sizes Available Of Swiss Army Knives

Here we go to discuss the available sizes of the Army knives. Swiss Army Knife Review is incomplete without sharing this info. Various lengths are presented by the Victorinox to give the vast variety of the knives. Here we are going to list down the available sizes of the knives.

58 mm, 74 mm, 84 mm, 91 mm, 93 mm, 100 mm, 108 mm, 111 mm

These are the lengths of the models of Swiss knives when the knives are closed. Various thicknesses of the knives are produced to present the wide range of the knife models. Regarding layers, these knives differ as well. In some knives, 10-12 layers are also seen. It depends on the model of the knife.

Swiss Army Knife and Space Program

Though it would be shocking to you people, but that is a reality. Yes, NASA had been using these military knives to add in their space programs. In the 1970s, Nasa requested the purchase of 50 knives to include in the space program. It sounds weird, but it proves the importance of these army knives. Victorinox provided these knives to NASA and the model was Master Craftsman Knife. So, it is a shocking history of these knives. That is all about the Swiss Army Knife Review!

What Are the Soldier Knife Models?

Swiss forces had presented the five main models of these knives. The model names show the year in which the model was introduced. These models are listed below.

Model 1890 ,Model 1908, Model 1951, Model 1961, Soldier Knife 08

Model 1890 contains the features including the screwdriver, grips, can opener, reamer and spear point blade. Oak wood is used to make the handle.

In Model 1908, clip point blade is introduced instead of the spear point blade. It has the carbon steel tools that are different from the Model 1890. So, it was a newer version of the army knife in that era.

If you take a glance on the Modle 1951, it is seen that the model contains the different features as were in the older models. Nickel silver bolsters and fiber scales are used in the model. It has also a spear point blade.

Model 1961 has unique features as compared to the older versions of the army knives. It has a drop point blade and a reamer. Screwdriver and can opener are also the tools included in this model.

As you see the Soldier Knife 08, it is seen that a long ergonomic handle is included in the design of this model. A chisel ground drop point blade is attached with this model to make it unique and more functional.

So, that is all about the Swiss Army Knife Reviews, which is much informative and interesting. The top most facts and historical background of these army knives are briefed here at the spot. Finally, these army knives were too much popular in the past times, as well as the importance of these knives is much prominent at the present. Soldiers got these knives to sort out various kinds of tasks. So, these knives are really amazing and superb!