Benefits of Using a Good Fillet Knife

Benefits of using a good fillet knife are to be able to separate the bones from the fish. The better knife you are using, the better result you will get. I mean it will become easier to remove the bones from the fish and more flesh you will get from the fish.

Features of a good fillet knife:

Do want to buy a good fillet knife within your budget? If your answer is yes, then take decision based on the following attributes-

  • Blades are the most features that you should consider. Today, stainless steel has become industry standard and go to choice to the blade makers and customers. But it is not enough. Check manufacturer’s name, brand name and consumer review as well.
  • If you want to fillet a variety of fish without much of issue, you must have different size of blades since different size of fish requires different size of blade. But if you have to pick one knife, take as larger as possible.
  • Handle is another factor to be considered. It gives grip and comfort. There are three types of handle and they are- wood, plastic and rubber. Previously, only wooden handles were available in the market. I personally prefer plastic and rubber than wooden ones. Because these ones get rotten if they are in touch of water for long time. Also wooden handles become slippery very soon and may cause serious injury.
  • Flexibility is a factor which is very important but has no standard to be measured. It depends on usage and blade size of the knife. The smaller blade it is, I think the more flexibility it has.
  • While choosing a good fillet knife, electrical or manual is another big factor. Well, electric filleting knives are versatile and simply superb while working on larger fish. Moreover, it will give you more control and you will less time. But difficulty is, it is very complex to use and you have to learn it from someone else specifically, without wasting flesh. On the other hand, manual knives conserve the meat most. Since you have more control over the knife, it has less chance to waste meat. Only thing you need is mastering on right technique. Fillets done by manual knives are also better than the electric ones. In addition, you have to carry the battery in case of electric filleting knife. and most important is- manual knives are less expensive than the electric ones.

 Advantages of having a good fillet knife:

People often become confused and can’t understand which knife can be said a good filleting knife. Below are a few benefits of a good fillet knife

  • Thin enough to move between the bones and the meat.
  • Ensure minimum meat loss while removing the bones.
  • Filleting becomes easier than before.
  • You can clean a freshly caught fish.
  • A good fillet knife will serve you years after years.

However, choosing a good fillet knife is a difficult task. But for those who do not know the above points before they purchase a fillet knife. Hope, after reading this article buying a good filleting knife has become a piece of cake to you.


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